We believe the possibilities are endless when it comes to using creative arts to support more formal learning.

“Our aim is for every child and young person to reach their own level of personal progress and feel a sense of achievement through the creative arts. Every person should be given the opportunity to express themselves through whichever medium they affiliate – without judgement or prejudice – but with support and encouragement”

Working Together

We’ve worked with a large number of educational establishments and support groups to deliver workshops to enhance almost every subject and we are confident we would be able to work with you.

The organisations that we work with share our ideal to seek to move forward and achieve a lasting difference, whether it be in the field of diversity, inclusion, education, health, or community cohesion.

We are experts in a range of learning strategies including theatre, drama workshops and interactive forum theatre. The success of our work is underpinned by first-class facilitation and meticulous research and preparation. Our facilitators, performers, and workshop leaders are trained to the highest standard and bring passion, energy and commitment to this work.

We know teachers are under pressure to deliver results through the National Curriculum, and sometimes creativity can lose out. We also understand that some issues that are covered can be difficult for teachers to talk about to students. We create learning opportunities that enhance the curriculum, at all levels of education. Rather than list them all here, get in touch with us or request a free information pack.

When we are children we learn about the world through make believe and playing games, as we get older this can quickly become overshadowed by the pressures of school and responsibilities. Creative arts brings this basic learning technique that all of us posses back to the foreground. JADA Creative Education provides support to schools and groups through the medium of creative arts. By working with existing establishments we aim to support the development of all people.

The list on the below gives an indication of many of the ways we have worked with establishments to creatively enhance elements of the curriculum.

The list is by no means exhaustive and we feel the use of creative arts can aid in the development of almost any kind of education and child development.

  • PPA Cover
  • CPD Training
  • Breakfast Clubs
  • Enrichment Clubs
  • After School Clubs
  • Theatre in Education
  • School Production Assistance

We believe the possibilities are endless when it comes to using creative arts to support more formal learning.

All our staff are passionate about the subject and care deeply for the children they work with, we want to make a positive change and help the next generation work towards becoming people who will want to make the correct choices that benefit the majority.

Drama and dance are not just lessons in performing, but rather skills to lead you to become a more confident, articulate, co-ordinated and sociable person.
Schools we have worked with:

  • Billericay School
  • Bournemouth Park School
  • Cecil Jones High School
  • Futures Community College
  • Friars Primary School
  • Greenways Juniors
  • Hamstel Infant School
  • Hamstel Junior School
  • James Horsnby School
  • Moulsham Junior School
  • Porters Grange Primary School
  • Princes Avenue Primary School
  • Ryedene Community Primary School
  • St Thomas More High School
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Primary
  • Temple Sutton Primary School
  • Thorpedene Juniors

This play has encouraged me to want to help people

Year 8 Student

We have used the feelings created in literacy for writing news reports and diaries

Primary School Teacher

The play was very helpful, now I will know what to do if my friend has problems

Year 8 Student

It has helped us understand our literacy topic as we found out what Victorians did in their lives ourselves

Year 6 Pupil

The play has changed how I might act, I didn’t realise little jokes can lead to big problems

Year 8 Student